Neighbor — Make Money with Your Space

written by brandon Date: 7.20.22 Category Business
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What Neighbor is

Neighbor is a newer platform within the gig economy that connects its users with others for self-storage needs. Using Neighbor, you can list any space in your house, garage, building or yard and monetize it by renting portions of it out to others that need somewhere to keep their belongings long or short-term. Renting storage space using Neighbor is generally cheaper when compared to commercial storage facilities.

Make money with Neighbor

You can make money with Neighbor by becoming a Host. When you become a Host, you'll have the ability to rent out any space that you have. The space that you can offer can be as small as a corner of a room in your house, your backyard, a parking spot, the sky is literally the limit in terms of offering storage. You can get started with your first listing for free. All you have to do is type a description and take a few pictures of your space so that renters can see if what you have fits their needs. It's that easy.

Neighbor lets you turn every room and corner of your home into extra cash. You can also use your garage or shed if you have one. When it comes to renting your indoor storage to others, keep in mind that your Renters may need to gain access to their stash at some point during their rental agreement. If you're storing stuff in your living environment then sure that you have adequate space for if your Renter wants to add, remove or even inspect their stuff.

Rent is easy to collect and you never have to worry about getting paid on time. Neighbor collects your rent payments for you and automatically transfers the payments safely and securely to your bank account via direct deposit.

Neighbor insures Hosts and Renters with free coverage in case of accidental damages that may occur during a rental period so you and your renter are protected in case of the unexpected.

Rent from a Neighbor

Renting spaces from a Neighbor is easy and offers flexibility that adapts to your storage needs. There are many Hosts on Neighbor that will let you store from just a few boxes for you during a move all the way to keeping a vehicle parked in your garage for a long-term stay. You have the ability to pick the size of the location along with what city or town that is convenient for you. Your Neighbor host can be in the same town as you or even in a different state. You might also find using Neighbor convenient for times that you just need to keep Christmas gifts at another location so that curious eyes don't discover them before it's time to unwrap!